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Dying to Be Loved 2016

Dying to Be Loved

5.10 HDRip 2016 89 min
After a busted knee ended Gary Smith's pro snowboarder career, he took a job as campus security officer. He becomes the cocky first-ever boyfriend of Emily Yates, whose widow mother, attorney Jill Yates, is overprotective since her suicide attempt. Jill's fiance, businessman Connor Hodges, calmly warns against alienating Emily, so she'll return once she gets over her blindly loyal devotion to Gary, but Jill makes a scene at Gary's cop brother Ritchie and house mother's modest home. Later Gary lets a silly driving conflict escalate and shoots his cocky 'rival' with a revolver handed by Emily, who is thus his known cahoot, recorded as she called the emergency services in advance. Gary is convicted for homicide by a jury, but remains on bail and jumps off a hydro-power dam with Emily. No corpse being found, Jill suspects a staged suicide, confides into Richie and hires ex-cop P.I. Al Jennings. The result is more crimes and victims then anyone feared.
5.6 of 34