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Gods Of Egypt 2016

Gods Of Egypt

5.40 HD 2016 127 min
In an Age of physically ruling Pharaonic gods, Osiris assembles all Egypt's capital to witness transferring his happy reign of the Nile kingdom to his conceited son, Horus. However, during the ceremony Osiris's brother Seth, who was practically banished by their grandfather sun god Ra to rule the barren desert lands, marches in with an invincible magical army to seize the crown, wed love goddess Hathor, lock her blinded fiance Horus in his tomb, and install a reign of terror over Egypt, reduced to slavish drudgery and denying a happy afterlife to all but those who can buy themselves out of hell. Crafty knave thief Bek is madly in love with Zaya, the slave secretary of royal architect Urshu, but gets caught sneaking in the master's palace, enraging him enough to kill her during a chase in the capital. Bek vows to do the impossible: restore Zaya to life in exchange for the eye of Horus, the magical seat of his power, to overthrow Seth. The very deal is a false promise, they need to overcome magical obstacles and help from Hathor and Ra to prepare for a face-off with Seth.
6.5 of 2076