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Herbie Fully Loaded 2005

Herbie Fully Loaded

4.80 HD 2005 101 min
Southern Californian Maggie Peyton has car racing in her blood, with her now deceased paternal grandfather a famous and successful driver, and her father, Ray Peyton, leading his own NASCAR team. Maggie took to street racing as Ray wouldn't let her drive in legitimate races. A potentially life threatening car accident while street racing made Maggie trade in her four large wheels for four smaller ones in the form of a skateboard, and Ray sending her off to college (from where she's just graduated) to get her out of the racing life, with an imminent corporate job in New York City. To carry on the Peyton racing legacy, Ray has entrusted the driving for the team to his son, Ray Peyton Jr., whose less than stellar results threaten corporate funding for the team. As a graduation present, Ray Sr. gives Maggie any vehicle she wants at a scrap yard. Despite having her eyes on another vehicle, she is compelled instead to choose a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. That VW Bug is Herbie, who has a mind of his own, but whose own recent sad life has made him a has-been, he only barely managing to save himself from being crushed for scrap metal. Initially unknown to Maggie, it was Herbie who made her choose him, he who has thoughts of getting into his past racing glory with Maggie behind the wheel, which she cannot fully comprehend the first times he takes full control. With her childhood friend, Kevin, now a mechanic, by her side, Maggie, hiding under a racing suit and helmet as "Max", has to get by egotistical NASCAR champion Trip Murphy, who is not averse to sabotage to achieve his goal of winning. Besides Trip, Maggie and Herbie have a few possible obstacles to overcome in winning: Ray finding out that Max is indeed his daughter; Herbie getting sidetracked by his interest in a newer model VW Beetle; and Maggie being lured to the dark side in the form of a traditional high powered race car instead of Herbie.
7.6 of 192