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Home Sweet Home Alone 2021

Home Sweet Home Alone

3.60 HD 2021 93 min
Left home alone by mistake when his family flies to Tokyo for the holidays, precocious, solitary ten-year-old Max Mercer has one more thing to worry about: a married, down-on-their-luck couple bent on retrieving a valuable vintage item hidden somewhere in his house. But with Christmas just around the corner, the determined intruders will do everything in their power to break into Max's house and get it back, and as if that weren't enough, loneliness starts to creep in. As a result, it is up to Max to defend his castle and do what he can to stay safe. Once, Max wanted to be left alone. Now, he is not so sure about that. Will Max realise that Christmas is about each other and not about what is under the tree?
5.6 of 296