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Mama 2013


6.20 HD 2013 100 min
Five years after the tragic death of their parents, close sisters Victoria and Lily who were left stranded in the unwelcoming woods, reunite unexpectedly with their father's twin brother Lucas, and his girlfriend Annabel. Doubtlessly, how two frail young unprotected children managed to survive on their own for so long is nothing less than a miracle, but there must have been someone--or even something--protecting them in the gloomy, dangerous forest. Little by little, Annabel suspects that although the girls are settling into this safe, loving atmosphere, whoever/whatever it was is still hanging around. Could it be the omnipresent soulless entity the girls lovingly refer to as "Mama"?
Country: Mexico, Canada, Spain
Genre: Horror
Release: 2013-01-18
Director: Andrés Muschietti
Production: De Milo, Toma 78
7.3 of 473