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Step Brothers 2008

Step Brothers

6.90 HD 2008 98 min
Two unemployed, 39 year old Los Angeles area slackers - Brennen Huff and Dale Doback - are brought together when Brennen's mom falls for and marries Dale's dad. As the two get used to living together, tensions between Brennen and Dale grow incredibly intense. However, at family gatherings, Brennen is always overshadowed by his wealthy, successful, and obnoxious brother Derek - who drives a luxury car, has a beautiful (but lonely) wife and two kids. As Brennan and Dale both quickly learn they share the same hatred for Derek, they quickly find out they both have more in common than once thought. They soon decide that they both have the ultimate business idea, combine Brennan's singing abilities with Dale's drumming abilities to form a rock and roll karaoke company. However, Dale's father's dream of sailing around the world hinders their plans, along with a series of incidents that constantly shoot themselves in the foot. Can they pull it off without driving each other completely crazy?
6.5 of 686