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The Redemption: Kickboxer 5 1995

The Redemption: Kickboxer 5

4.00 HDRip 1995 87 min
Negaal is a former kickboxer who has formed his own organization in hopes to unite the sport under his iron fist. When David Sloan refuses to join the organization, he sends his three henchmen Moon, Pinto, and Bull to kill the champion and they succeed. Enter Matt Reeves, a friend of David's who just saw his student and friend Johnny win the U.S. title. When Johnny is offered to join the organization, he refuses and meets the same fate. Matt decides to head to South Africa and find Negaal. However, he finds an unexpected ally in Paul Croft, an Afrikaner who once worked for Negaal and was sent to prison in L.A. After being paid and ultimately refusing to kill Matt, the duo now join forces in hopes to stop Negaal once and for all.
7.6 of 22