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Track 29 1988

Track 29

5.90 HD 1988 90 min
For this psychological drama, Dennis Potter reworked his 1974 TV play, Schmoedipus, transposing the setting from London to the United States. The title "Track 29" is taken from the lyrics of "Chattanooga Choo Choo." Distraught and dreamy Linda Henry complains to her husband, surgeon Henry Henry, about their sex-less, childless marriage, but he's obsessed with his basement model railroad layout and also engaged in an affair with a nurse. When mysterious stranger Martin drops in on Linda, he claims to be her long-lost illegitimate son. As seen in flashbacks, the 16-year-old Linda was raped at a carnival by a man who resembles Martin. Subsequent events hint at Martin as a delusion, a product erupting from Linda's fantasy world.
6.8 of 6